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    Play and Learn With The Best Combat Archery Tag Organizers of Singapore ― Unlimited Fun and Unlimited Learning With Archery Tag Team


    We have single-handedly managed to become Singapore’s biggest archery tag team provider with more than a dozen and well-versed combination of Archery Tag equipment ― arrange private events, corporate events, and much more. 


    We have deployed a team of experts and professionals who are willing to help you organize any type of event. We also provide top-notch consultancy that will assist you in arranging everything in one place. As a matter of fact, we are a one-stop shop for all your event’s needs. 


    Whether you want an open-air place or an air-conditioned cosy location, we have made everything possible. Get the best venues for your Archery Tag event in Singapore with the Archery Tag Team. 


    We are offering a complete package of fun with exclusive features. Choose the venue you want with the people you care about. Make your Archery Tag activity a memorable time. We do what you want, where you want, and whenever you want. Pick your convenient time and day without paying more for it!

    Take a look at our packages. Contact us for further details!

    Singapore’s Top Choice in Combat Archery Tag Singapore

    The Best Things About Archery Tag Team


    Did you know that Archery Tag Team is the first of its kind in not only Singapore but throughout Asia? We are completely certified, trusted, and reliable. Our word is our promise and we focus on the customer’s satisfaction on all occasions. 


    We have successfully executed thousands of events across Singapore with more than a million happy and satisfied customers. We boast exceptional services and our distinctive clientele ranging from Fortune 500 companies, Government Agencies, Military, Schools, and Consumers.


    Experience combat archery with extremely professional, skilled, experienced trainers. Our team of expert facilitators always ensures that you get the most of this activity whether you are with your family, team, or friends. 


    We are amongst the highly rated institutions in Singapore’s combat archery industry. We have over a hundred 5 star positive ratings on Google, while our social media handles like Facebook are bustling with reviews from corporates, families, and individuals. 


    Get Ready For An Exceptional Archery Tag Experience in Singapore ― Extreme Fun in Cheap Prices

    Extremely Economical Prices that You Will Never Find Anywhere in Singapore

    Although the experience of the archery tag team is priceless, we’re offering it in the most affordable prices without any hidden charges. 

    Our Archery tag team and combat archery games start from just $10 per pax. 

    You can get in touch with our representatives and inquire about our outdoor games rates and exclusive packages for corporate clients. 


    Get Prepared For An Exhilarating, Adventurous, and Fun-Filled Combat Archery Session! 

    Want to Plan The Perfect Team Building Event For Your Team? We Make Everything Perfect! 

    How To Book Yourself & Your Team For A Private Event?

     If you want to organize an archery outdoor game for your team, then you have landed on the right page. From a small group of less than a dozen to a team of thousands ― we do everything in your budget and requirements! 

    • Step 1: Number of participants required for event 

    If you are confused about where to organize your spouse’s or child’s special day, or you want to arrange a group building event for your employees ― we have everything that you will need. You only need to give us the number of participants and leave the rest to us. 

    On a side note, we offer meals and drinks, music system, corporate gifts, and many other facilities!

    • Step 2: Select your preferred venue from our list 

    Offering most exclusive locations in Singapore, you can arrange your archery tag team outdoor game anywhere you want. The next step for booking a slot is to pick a venue.  

    • Step 3: Make customizations and personalizations

    The next step for booking an event or slot is to add the customizations and your personal requirements. 

    • Step 4: Get in touch with us to request 

    Want to have the ultimate experience and unlimited learning at one place? Get your personalized event from the Archery Tag Team. We are just a call away from you.

    How To Request A Personalized Quote? Frequently Asked Questions About Combat Archery in Singapore

    What are the benefits of an archery tag team? 

    The main advantage of playing Archery Combat with Archery Tag Tam is that it enhances coordination, cooperation, and collaboration. Especially if you are playing with the people you have some kind of relation with, you can up a notch easily by playing in a positive environment. 

    Furthermore, since the game involves aiming for your opponent and firing the arrow, it gives a boost to your focusing skills as well. As much as you play and as frequently as you play, your coordination level will also increase. Not to mention, archery tag games require you to hold your body in a balanced position before shooting the arrow and setting an aim. This practice can help you improve balance and increase your risk calculation skills. 

    Can Combat Archery Tag be played indoors?

    Combat archery is a completely safe game that can be played at both indoor and outdoor locations.

    The Combat Archery game uses completely safe archery equipment. Their arrows are secured with foam. It reduces the chances of getting hurt during the game and increases the comfort level of the participants. The chances of getting hurt during this sport are almost zero. 

    How much space is required for a Combat Archery Tag?

    There are no area size restrictions for this game. However, it needs an area of thirty by fifty feet. The area should be big enough to occupy at least the number of participants you want to bring. 

    For further clarifications, you can get in touch with the Archery Tag Team and we will let you know if the location you are selecting is appropriate for the game or not. 

    What type of events is Combat Archery Tag suitable for?

    Birthdays, corporate events, family gatherings, friends reunion, or anything in between ― Archery tag is suitable for all occasions where you want to connect with people in a thriving environment. 

    Take a look at our deals for different occasions. Contact us for further details! 

    Can anyone play Combat Archery Tag?

    The answer is yes. Anyone can play a Combat archery tag by the Archery Tag Team since it is completely safe and comfortable. 

    Please note that archery requires rigorous physical movements. So, you should be prepared for that. 

    Take a look at our packages. Contact us for further details! 

    How much do you charge for your services? 

    Contact us to request a free quotation for your archery tag event. 

    You can get in touch with our representatives and inquire about our outdoor games rates and exclusive packages for corporate clients.

    Introduction to Archery Tag
    Archery Tag is an outdoor teambuilding game, a great way to bond with your colleagues, friends, and family through playing a stimulating and highly competitive adaptation of Dodgeball. To play Archery Tag, players use bows to eliminate opponents by shooting them with safe foam-tipped arrows.
    Session Overview
    A usual session starts off with an introduction to Archery. Participants will be able to learn how to hold a bow properly like an expert, the proper stances and posture needed for the gameplay as well as the correct nooking procedures for you to race and defend your title as an archery tag champion! Subsequently, participants will put their learning to the test in an exciting game of Archery Tag. The rules and gameplay will be briefed to the participants on the day itself for them to get a better understanding on how the Archery Tag is being played.
    Gameplay Players will have to successfully shoot their opponents with an arrow which will cause the opponent to be eliminated. If a player manages to catch the arrow with his hands or knock out a foam target, he will be able to revive an eliminated player. To win, teams can either eliminate all the opponents or successfully knock out 5 foam targets placed in the center of the playing arena.
    There will be 2 facilitators present per arena.

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